Summer school... we've got you covered!

Summer School

Has your school applied for funding from the government's summer school programme?

If so, let us help you staff it.

We’ve got lots of great staff who are available for work during the summer holidays, to help deliver a blend of academic education and enrichment activities for students to make up for some of their missed education.

Whether your summer school is helping pupils transitioning into year 7, or any other year groups which you have identified will benefit from the programme, our qualified secondary subject specialists can provide support with key subjects, such as english and maths. We also have a range of teaching and support staff who can help deliver the programme's enrichment activities, such as team games, music, drama and sports activities.

Our staff can be available for your school's full summer school or flexible to your school's needs. They are also available for any transition activities your school decides to fund before the end of the summer term.

Here are just a few reasons to choose us…

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