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Choose what temporary work suits you best with either daily, short or long-term supply work

Whatever supply work you choose, we will always…

Find the role that is best for you - by taking into consideration your specific needs, skills, experience, location, availability, type of school you want to work in and anything else you may be looking for.

Daily supply

As the most flexible supply option, you tell us what days you want to work each week and we’ll find the work for you. Daily supply is mostly planned in advance, and you will work one or two days in a school, but there can be emergencies when we may ask you to work on the same day. You’ll often work in different schools each day and that’s what makes it exciting, as each day brings a fresh challenge.

Short-term contracts

With any short-term absences, a supply worker may be needed for more than one day - perhaps a week, 10 days or two weeks. This type of supply is great for anyone who wants to spend a bit more time in a school, wants to avoid much of the after-school planning, but still wants flexibility & variety. In particular, early careers teachers can enjoy short-term supply to get a good grasp of a range of different schools.

Long-term contracts

Usually booked in advance, long-term supply can be anything from six weeks or more. This is a brilliant option for those who want to get more in-depth experience or already know they like working with particular schools. With a long-term placement you’ll be able to see the progress you make with your students and take on more of the responsbilities that a permanent member of staff has.

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Why choose working on supply?

There are so many reasons why working on supply is a great option – you can decide how much or how little you want to work, there is a lot less paperwork for you to manage and you can enjoy the variety that working at as many different schools as you wish brings.

The list goes on…work flexibly around family life, gain work experience to get into teaching or as an early careers teacher before deciding where you want to work permanently, or keep doing the work you enjoy during semi-retirement without the stress or hassle that comes with a permanent role.

Wherever you are in your career, whatever you need, you can decide how you want to work.

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Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to help.


We’re proud of what our
staff say about us

There is work for me when I need some. I have had a mix of different schools and educational settings and I think this has made me a better teacher. The staff are always happy and friendly and listen to my needs.

Lucie Skates,
Primary Teacher

The team are lovely, helpful and polite. They are professional and great at matching preferences. I enjoy taking on other subjects and have been given the opportunity to do this with Vison for Education. You know you can trust the team at Vision for Education to be understanding. They are the most professional compared to other agencies.

Jane Beattie,
MFL Secondary Teacher

The staff are entirely professional and supportive and find suitable posts for me. They are always responsive.


Trish Burnett,
Secondary Admin Assistant

I would strongly recommend Vision for Education to anyone who is looking for a supportive hand getting into the education sector. They have supported my preferred work patterns, have offered me career advice and have provided educational field training. They have raised my confidence and provided me with the skills to become the teacher I have been working towards.

Shaun Burton,
Teaching Assistant

Thanks so much for being such an efficient, hassle-free agency. My consultant and her team have always been professional, positive and easy to contact. I will continue to recommend you to other colleagues and schools who may not have discovered your services yet!

Janet James,
Primary Teacher

Vision for Education were my first choice when I decided to become a supply teacher. The team have been flexible, accommodating and supportive, but above all else, friendly and easy-going. The whole team helped to find me work by listening to what suited me best and finding roles that matched my values and ethos.

Ryan O'Toole,
Primary Teacher