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10 common misconceptions about working on supply as an ECT

If you’re looking for your first job as a teacher, have you considered working on supply? We know there are many common misconceptions around working with an education recruitment agency as a supply teacher, so let’s get the facts straight…

1. Can I complete my induction period working on supply?

Yes, you can! We offer long-term & permanent supply contracts, where the days you work will count towards your induction. ECTs (early career teachers) that work with us enjoy working on supply as they get experience in a range of different schools before deciding where to work permanently. Don’t forget, there is always a chance that if you are doing well at a school, other permanent job opportunities may become available to you.

2. What do I have to pay to work with an agency?

Nothing! Registering to work with us is completely free. And all the work we’ll do to help you find a job and support you throughout your placement is free too. The only charges you’ll have to pay for are your enhanced DBS check, which needs to be registered on the Update Service – if you haven’t done so already!

3. Will I be able to choose where I work?

We will always work with you to find the role that is best for you. We do this by taking into consideration your specific needs, skills, experience, location, availability, the type of school you want to work in and anything else you may be looking for. Ultimately, you decide if the job is for you.

4. How will supply work look on my CV?

Many of the schools we work with like to see supply work on a CV as it shows you have gained experience in a variety of schools. It’s also a great opportunity to build relationships across the education sector.

5. Are there any CPD opportunities whilst working on supply?

At Vision for Education, yes!  We work with a number of teaching schools and headteachers to deliver a range of CPD, training and events for our staff. We also run social events for you to meet other supply staff and education professionals to grow your network.

6. What’s the difference between daily supply, short-term and long-term contracts?

Daily supply is what most people think of when they think about supply teaching. You’ll often work in different schools each day and can get called in to cover for any emergencies. A short-term supply worker may be needed for more than one day – perhaps a week or two weeks. Long-term contracts are usually booked in advance and can be anything from six weeks or more.

7. Will I get paid to work over the holidays?

All our staff will receive holiday pay incorporated into their daily rate rather than being paid on the days of holiday themselves. This way whatever you work, you’ll still receive the holiday pay you are entitled to.

8. What’s it like being supply staff working in a school?

Supply staff are seen as an essential part of the team, and schools rely on them greatly these days. Across the country, we work with supportive schools who will give you the help and guidance you need. And if you bring a pro-active and enthusiastic attitude, you’ll easily build relationships with colleagues and make a positive impact in the schools you work in. Staff who make the most of every opportunity really do reap the rewards.

9. If I start working on supply will I have to continue doing it forever?

No. One of the great things about supply work is the flexibility. For ECTs it can be a great opportunity to research and see for yourself what a school is really like before you apply for a permanent position. It’s also a chance to develop your skills and experiences in different school environments before deciding what suits you best. Many people make a career out of supply work and love the variety it brings. And equally supply work can set you on the path to your career goals and help you secure your first permanent contract. You can make working on supply work for you, whatever your circumstances and goals.

10.  What are the benefits of working with a supply agency?

At Vision for Education, we’ve been in business since 2008, so we have the experience and industry knowledge to know what you need to thrive. With our friendly consultants, application guidance and job searching support throughout your career, you’ll always feel in safe hands. And often, because of our positive working relationship with many schools, we can secure you interviews at schools where you otherwise might not have the chance. Discover even more reasons and benefits of choosing us.

If you want to start your journey to getting your first teaching job today, let us help you. Register with us today.

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