SEND specialists

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As experts in SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) recruitment, we know that every school has a unique set of needs and challenges, which we take the time to understand. For us, this starts with offering to volunteer in your school to get to know you, how you work and what your requirements are. Taking this approach ensures we are able to find the right candidate for your school’s and pupils’ needs.

We have a genuine passion for education. Our consultants are knowledgeable about the current education climate and aware of the challenges faced by schools from new government policies, legislation and training requirements. Our role is to be there to take at least one thing off your mind – recruitment. We know that above all, it is all about children learning and developing and the best way to ensure this is through quality, reliable teaching staff.

We strongly believe in ensuring quality, safeguarding children and supporting our teachers.

Finding the best SEND teachers

Our offer to candidates ensures we can attract the best, providing a service which many other agencies don’t, such as our guaranteed pay scheme and access to our free continuing professional development programme, which aims to ensure the quality of our candidates and keep them up to date on the latest legislation such as physical intervention. We recognise the need to provide a sympathetic ear to our candidates and understand that they need emotional support when dealing with what can be challenging behaviour in pupils.

We meet with every candidate face to face, to understand the person’s strengths and get to know them. Everyone goes through our strict safeguarding processes which are in line with both the Department for Education and Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s guidelines, so you can have confidence in your candidate’s background and their ability to work in your school.

Working with you 

While a large amount of our time is spent recruiting the best teachers, and spending time getting to know our schools, we also believe strongly in adding value to our partnerships and your pupils’ experiences.

This ranges from volunteering in your school to competitions and sponsorship. Volunteering is a great way for us to gain a true understanding of your needs and challenges, as well as being able to help out where we can.

We are passionate about providing experiences and opportunities that children may not otherwise have access to. We know, that combined with outstanding teaching, these are the things that can truly change children’s lives.