PAYE - Pay As You Earn


At Vision for Education all of our teachers are paid weekly with Income Tax and National Insurance deductions made via PAYE.  

Whether you’re a supply teacher, teaching assistant, cover supervisor or a member of support staff working in primary, secondary or an SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) schools, everyone is classed as being one of our employees. This includes teaching and support staff that provide emergency supply cover, and those on short or long-term placements.

Our in-house payroll team pay all teaching and support staff weekly and make deductions for PAYE. This means that all Income Tax and National Insurance contributions are deducted from your weekly salary and automatically forwarded on to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs).

PAYE ensures that you make regular payments, rather than getting one large tax bill. We are required to do this by law to ensure full compliance with the Government’s IR35 regulations.

The amount you pay will depend on your tax code, which is specified by HMRC.

At the end of each tax year, we will send you a statement, which is known as a P60. The statement will show the gross total amount of money you've been paid, what tax has been deducted and how much net income you have received after this.