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Vision for Education understand how demanding teacher training can be. We also understand the pressure you’ll feel to find your first NQT job.

Juggling your studies with securing your first role isn’t easy, but we are here to help. Our knowledgeable consultants are on hand to help you through each stage of the process, and provide advice on your best options as a newly qualified teacher.

We have a number of permanent positions available that will incorporate your induction. However, you should also consider supply work, if the right permanent position doesn’t come along straight away.

Supply teaching jobs for NQTs

Working as a supply teacher with us can be a great way into a permanent position. It can gain you valuable experience to set you apart from other NQTs – and most importantly, it means you’re still getting paid!

As well as an open, friendly and honest approach from our consultants, we can offer:

  • The best rates of supply pay for NQTs.
  • Schools support for your NQT induction (on long-term assignments).

  • Regular social events giving you the chance to network with other professionals. 
  • A guaranteed pay scheme to provide additional security.
  • Free CPD to develop your skills and enhance your CV.

Working on supply means you can:

  • Try out different schools and get a feel for which type would suit you for a permanent position.

  • Be in an ideal position to identify and go for permanent opportunities – treat it as a long interview.

  • Keep your skills sharp and up to date while searching for a permanent position.

Contact your local branch for more information or register your interest and we’ll be in touch.

We recommend you register with us as early as possible during your final year. This means that we can get you cleared and ready to teach as soon as you have completed your teaching practice, providing your placement school has given you a reference.

Even if you have secured a post for September, it may still be worth registering with us and earning some money and experience for immediate placements required before the holidays. You can also get paid via us if your teaching practice school wants to keep you on daily support once your placement is completed.