Practical information for supply staff

Practical information for supply staff

Timesheets and payment

If the school you are placed with has signed up to our electronic timesheet system, you won’t need to do anything – we will get your timesheet automatically and ensure you get paid on time.

If paper timesheets are required, you need to complete your timesheet and get it signed at the end of each assignment, or for ongoing assignments, at the end of each week.

Timesheets need to be in our payroll department by 1pm each Tuesday. Any payments will be in your account by the following Friday. Any timesheets received after this time won’t be paid until the following week. The best way to send us your timesheet is to email it to

The assignment

When you come for interview, we will have spoken to you about the type of work you want and what days you want to work. We will try and give you as much notice as we can, but the nature of supply can be last minute. If you have said you will accept same day bookings please be ready from 7.30am onwards and always have a bag ready with resources, lesson plans, a local A to Z and all the equipment you need to teach.

At school

  • Please dress appropriately – no jeans or trainers. Collar and tie for men.
  • For advance assignments, arrive at the school no later than 8.20am. If it is a same-day assignment, we will liaise with the school about your arrival time.
  • On arrival, check in with the named contact. Show them your DBS check and a form of photo ID. If you do not bring these, schools may turn you away.
  • Familiarise yourself with the relevant school procedures (eg disciplinary, health and safety) and find out about teaching resources you can use.
  • If a lesson plan has been left, ensure this is followed.
  • Mark any work that you have set during the day.
  • Ensure that you follow our No Contact Policy, as highlighted during the registration process. 
  • Ensure that you comply with our Equal Opportunities Policy, as highlighted during the registration process.
  • Follow the school’s procedures for reporting any incidents. Please ensure you have the contact details of the Nominated Person for Child Protection.
  • Leave handover notes.
  • Make sure that the classroom is left tidy ready for the class teacher’s return.
  • Let us know how you got on!

Social networking

Vision for Education acknowledge that social networking sites provide a number of benefits, but all professionals should be aware of the many challenges and potential difficulties associated with electronic communication and social media. Please ensure you read and adhere to our Social Networking Policy whilst you are registered with us.