EduCare training


Vision for Education is committed to the professional development of all our teaching and support staff.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is vital for our supply staff. CVs with recent, relevant courses listed are much more appealing to schools and will boost your chances of securing the jobs you want.

EduCare is a market-leading provider of high-quality, concise and easy-to-use safeguarding and duty of care online training.

We provide all our teaching and support staff with a FREE licence for EduCare’s General Education package (which normally costs schools £800+).

The package includes 41 accredited online courses:

  • A practical guide to GDPR for education
  • Child exploitation
  • Child protection in sport & active leisure
  • Dealing with bereavement & loss
  • Female genital mutilation awareness (June 2018)
  • Food hygiene & safety (2018)
  • Health & safety in education: Staff awareness
  • Moving & handling Preventing bullying (2019)
  • Raising awareness of peer-on-peer abuse
  • Safeguarding young people
  • Substance misuse risks
  • The prevent duty
  • Administration of medication in schools
  • Child neglect
  • Child protection refresher (Sept 2018)
  • Domestic abuse: Children & young people
  • First aid essentials (2018)
  • Health & safety in education
  • How to be an effective Fire Warden or Fire Marshal
  • Online safety
  • Raising awareness of asbestos
  • Raising awareness of trafficking & modern slavery
  • Serious youth violence
  • Supporting staff wellbeing in schools
  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • Child protection in education (Sept 2018)
  • Concussion awareness
  • Equality & diversity (May 2018)
  • Fire safety in education
  • Health & safety in education: Senior leadership & management
  • Mental wellbeing in children & young people (2018)
  • Overcoming loneliness
  • Raising awareness of honour based abuse & forced marriage
  • Safer recruitment in education
  • Sexual violence & harassment between children & young people
  • Use of reasonable force in schools (2018)
  • The SEND code of practice

To find out more about the FREE CPD we provide for all our teaching and support staff, please get in touch with your local Vision for Education branch