3 key questions to ask your education recruitment agency

Teacher and two pupils

If you’ve decided to use a recruitment agency to find your next job, that is an excellent choice. No doubt, before long, you will be at the school gates, ready and raring to go in a fantastic role just right for you. To make sure you get there smoothly, don’t forget to ask your agency these 3 key questions.

Do you have work that will suit me?

All agencies can vary and offer different roles, so make sure they know what you are looking for – are you looking for teaching supply work on specific days? Do you want to work as a TA in a SEND school? Would you like a short-term Cover Supervisor contract? However specific or broad your job search is, let your agency know. You may have already discussed it, and in that case, it doesn’t hurt to check your agency has fully understood your requirements, it will also give them the chance to share any opportunities they may already have for you. And if you’re not sure what will suit you, then talking to a knowledgeable and experienced consultant will help give you options to explore.

How will you help progress my career?

You might be at the start of your journey, part way through or nearing the end – you’ll want your next role to be the right challenge for wherever you are in your career. You might be looking for a promotion, wanting to broaden your experiences or looking for a step back to spend more time with family – your agency needs to know how you want to progress and you need to know how they’ll help you. Lots of agencies offer CPD training, and you can always ask if they have specific modules in your area of interest.

What are the schools like you work with?

There is no one better than consultants to tell you everything you need to know about the school your prospective role is in. They’ll tell you about the people, location, vision and ethos. They’ll be able to tell you how the role and school suits you, provides the experience you are after and why they think you’ll thrive there. They’ll also know the logistical specifics, like what time they start and finish and how to get there. All to give you a full rounded view of the role, to make sure it’s right for you.

How we’ll help you

Here at Vision for Education, we have plenty of opportunities available across all job roles and school types. And because of the great relationships we have with our schools, we know exactly how and where you’ll fit best. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know them, just as much as getting to know you, because we want to find the perfect match for you both.

So now your questions are ready…time to ask them! Call your local branch today.